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The product introduction
    YH5CSX-17/38DL drop-out metal oxide arrestor with series gap is a new, series gap, auto-disengaging, alternative switching on-off integrated composite apparatus of high performance. Based on the traditional design of no-gap arrestor, the arrestor, together with the vulcanized large capacity zinc oxide resistor discs is put into the systems in thermal melting drop-out form. This product is characterized as long service life, quick action, low residual voltage, large current capacity, stable property, simple structure and automatic dropping-out after lightning breakdown, etc. It is widely used to prevent the electrical equipment from overvoltage damage in the power generation, transmission, transformation and distribution systems.
The conditions of use The ambient temperature: -45℃~+45℃;
The altitude: ≤2000m;
The wind pressure: ≤700Pa (equivalent to the wind speed of 34m/s);
The installation location: no inflammable, no explosion, and no chemical corrosion.
The power frequency voltage exerted continuously in the lighting arrestor is not higher than its continuous operation voltage. Technical Parameters

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